Education Visa From Djibouti




At least valid for six months after the intended date of departure and two blank pages should be available


Biometric photo
one 5x6 mm with white background, maximum 6 months old photo


Hotel reservation or accommodation

-       Only reservation is enough for the embassy. Available at TSAVISA office

-       Contract copy if rented a house or host’s copy of contract and residence permit.


Financial supporting documents from sponsor

-       Bank statement (with at least traffic of last three months with stamp and signature)

-       Work certificate (it must include applicant’s name and surname, role)

-       Last three months’ payroll with stamp and signature from the employer

-       If self-employed must provide official business registration / patent and company letter


Travel Health Insurance Policy

Three months’ travel insurance is required for student visa.

Available at TSAVISA office


Acceptance Letter

Provide invitation or Acceptance Letter from Turkish educational institution


Motivation Letter
Applicant should write letter about his/her education plan


Guaranty Letter
The sponsor should submit guaranty letter ’’prise en charge’’


Educational Background
Applicant should submit last transcript and degree certified by the ministry of foreign affairs. 


Police Report
Applicant should bring criminal history ‘’bulletin no3’’


Medical Report
Applicant should bring medical report from AL-Rahma hospital.


Copy of ID
Available for 100 DFJ / per page at TSAVISA office


Important Notes;

Below are supplying documents that may improve the condition of your visa application:

-If the applicant has been abroad before, copies of the relevant pages from old and new passport

-Ownership of property in Turkey, if any

-Proof of past business arrangements in Turkey, if any


The Diplomatic Mission has the right to request additional information and/or documents.