Required Documents



at least valid for l year after the intended date of departure, two blank pages should be available

-Financial supporting documents

-Bank Statement(with traffic of at least the last three months)

-Bank Letter

it must include applicant's full name, account number, the current amount in Ethiopian birr and equivalent in USD, stamped at the branch and head office of the bank

-Business License

Business License which is renewed in the relevant authority and authenticated at the F.D.R.E Ministry of Foreign Affa irs.

-Company Letter

A letter from the employer or company that the applicant works for (it must include applicant's name, surname, passport number, role and salary) with payroll, work contract and company I D or proof of ownership of a company from public notary

-1 Invitation

Invitation from Turkish Company or person

-Flight Tickets

Proof of reservation is sufficient

-Hotel reservation

Proof of reservation is sufficient

-Travel Health lnsurance Policy (One Month)

with 30.000€ coverage of illness, injury or death

-Ethiopian Residence 1D

For those who do not have Ethiopian citizenship