VIP Visa Processes

VIP Visa Service

Average application times in our offices very between 7 and 30 days, depending on the density. The files of the applicants who benefit from our VIP service are delivered to the embassies first and the waiting time of the file in the office is minimized.


You can make your application quickly and comfortably by tasting our special treats in VIP office reserved for you.


Applicants for Türkiye visa applications can benefit from VIP service in Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti offices. Your application process will be carried out as quickly as possible in our specially prepared office for you.


You can find the necessary documents for your application here.

Additional services offered to VIP applicants at TSAVISA offices;

• Photocopy and fax operations (Up to 5 Pages Free) Note: Due to our data security policy, USB sticks etc. It is not possible to print out documents from the devices.

• Notification via SMS (Free)

• Biometric photo shoot (Paid)

Applicants who want to benefit from our VIP service must pay the VIP Service fee in addition to the Visa fee + TSAVISA application fees.

*Please note that choosing our VIP service will not affect the Consulate's decision.


VIP service is reserved for applicants who do not benefit from agency services.