Important Notes- Sudan

                                          PASSPORT FOLLOW-UP AND DELIVERY PROCEDURE


* You can follow up your passport with the information on your application receipt from our website or call centers. You can also get information about your passport with the QR code on your application slip. Passport enquiries are not carried out at our offices. You can only follow the information by phone and on our website. If you have a special situation, our call center officials will direct you.

* Your passport, which has been completed at the consulate, can be delivered with the receipt given to you during the application by coming in person from our application center. If you cannot come in person, your spouse, child, mother or father may take your passport in your name. In order for these people to be able to obtain your passport, you need to submit a petition to them that they can obtain your passport. You can see an example of the petition on the bulletin board. No passport delivery will be made to third parties except in these cases.

* Applicants must sign the submission form when receiving their passport and documents in accordance with the resulting applications.

* Passports not taken by applicants are kept in the institution for 1 month. Passports not taken as a result of 1 month are returned to the representative office.

* The institution has to store the lists showing the application date, place of application, type of visa, date of delivery to the representative, date of receipt from the representative, date of delivery to the applicant, documents received and forms signed by the applicant for the documents submitted and, if necessary, declare to the representative.